Huge amount of India’s small businesses are mainly ‘invisible’ online or have a minimal digital footprint, according to a marketing survey there are 63% of India’s small businesses who don’t have their own website, with 40% mentioning that their company is just too small to licence a website. Other stated reasons for not getting an online platform include a lack of technical expertise (19%), affordability (17%) and that their social media presence meets with majority of needs.

In India, most of the people have a mindset that a website is an extra burden for a business or it needs a huge maintenance cost, many people who are recently handling their own businesses believe that websites are for corporates or enterprises. We try to eradicate this misunderstanding out of everyone’s mind and would like to inform that it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have been it a retail shop, showroom or a corporate office, having a website for your business is always an extra advantage to promote your brand name and products among people. We provide service for all business whether small or large. Inesh Enterprises provides customize website design solution to small businesses and start-ups at reasonable rates. Our basic website design service starts from Rs 499 onwards.

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India is a hub of all small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), keeping for more than 17% of this country’s GDP. This is not an idealistic expectation and of those respondents who already have a website, 63% say their business grew once their website was up and running. In today’s world, people use Google for the smallest of requirements. A single search enquiry can lead a huge list of websites, So, if you want to spread your business to more people, having a website would be the best way. This could be more helpful for the small businesses that are looking to enhance their popularity. Not only can a good website create a strong impression on the buyers but can even increase the number of people engaging with the business. 

According to another survey, there are a huge amount of small businesses who feel that having their own distinctive online presence will significantly boost the business growth by making their businesses digitally visible. However, they are not aware of how to initiate the development of their website, well no need to think more as we are here for your help. We assure you that more than half of those who plan to build a website within the next two years can expect their business to grow by anything from 10 to 50 percent within a short 3 to 5 years of getting a digital platform. Not surprisingly, businesses with no plans to build a website (in the next two years) have lower growth expectations with just 25 percent saying they will grow 10 to 50 percent in a similar timeframe.

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Our mission is to provide the website for everyone by 2025 at the lowest price possible. We want to make Inesh Enterprises a a reliable name across India, we would like to be known globally for our best in market services. We believe in a phrase “Website for everyone”, be it a corporate house, start-up or a small retail shop, we have worked out business plans for everyone. A website is important for any kind of business, we try to develop the website for everyone. There is an emerging digital economy in India and small businesses can have important opportunities to grow if they take to the Internet. An online identity is critical for their long-term business growth and expansion, our aim is to educate small businesses on the benefits of establishing an online presence while making it affordable and easy for them to build an impactful global online identity.

Our website design plan starts from Rs 499/- onwards and amazingly it suits everyone's budget. We ensure that the requirement of every customer cater in his/her budget itself, with 100% customer satisfaction we assure to fulfill all your requirements and give the best solution to your needs. We use the latest technologies, create attractive design layouts and develop business-oriented features to upscale your user experience. A well-designed website and comprehnesive degital marketing ideas for small businesses can convert visitors into buyers by creating a strong impression within their target audiences. This in return increases the revenue, market share, traffic, sale, brand awareness and lastly helps your business grow to next level.

We don’t stop at creating just a website, after creating a professional website we can help our clients with different and effective digital marketing services which will not only increase the traffic or audience on your website but also help you to grow your brand globally. Our digital marketing services include:

  • Content Management System
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Optimization / Social Media Advertising
  • Google AdWords / Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Lead Generation

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