12 Best Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website

12 Best Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website.

If you are an e-commerce brand, then you need some e-commerce marketing strategies to get new customers as well as old customers to come back to your store.

With these proven e-commerce marketing strategies and tips, we are going to teach you how to drive traffic to your site, build relationships and trust with customers and get back those lost sales. Ready to develop your e-commerce business?


1. Define your sales cycle

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website

Every business is unique. How much time does the client take before making a purchase on your site? Knowing how customers move through your sales process can be helpful, so that you can make the best e-commerce marketing strategy.

If you do not know how long it takes the customer to complete your sales cycle, it would be difficult to indicate that you should advertise on those platforms when you need to aggressively retrace or send an email. Does your customer change in a week, a month, a year? To define your sales cycle, there will also be some research as well as a test. Once you make it down you can move on to our next e-commerce marketing strategies.

2. Optimize your checkout process

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website.

Reduce cart abandonment by customizing your checkout process. This is one of those e-commerce marketing strategies that are often neglected by businesses but it is probably the most important! You spend a lot of time buying them to trust with potential customers and you need to continue building that belief during your checkout process. If your checkout process is smooth and reliable from beginning to end, you will increase conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment

3. Make your investigation process as easy as possible

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website.

Try to get everything on one page. If you have many pages, consider showing a progress bar at the bottom of each page, so that your customers can imagine how long your checkout process will take. Find buttons easier to find – the more time the customer spends watching the next button or the checkout button, the sooner it can be disappointed with your site.

Francesca is a clothing store with an easy checkout process. They have all three sections on a secure checkout page. The first part is for shipping information, next to billing and finally you can review your purchase. They include a picture of the products or products you are buying and break your total amount so that you can see how much you are paying for shipping. You can easily see all the information you have entered and go back to repair without pressing the back button.

4. Provide useful product details to customers (and search engines)

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website.

If you are selling any kind of clothing or accessories, then provide a size guide. This will not only help customers, but rather it will cut the returns for your business. You may also want to include customer reviews or testimonials. Make sure you have a page dedicated to frequently asked questions. It can also be beneficial for your SEO if you write quality details that include keywords. Brush on what is SEO and how it works before you dive. Optimizing your details will help you move forward in search rankings, which means that there may be more visibility and more sales for your business.

Assos has the product details of the killer for each of his products (and he has a ton!). Useful for every single customer and contains keywords for search engines. These details tell customers about what size, fit and fabric the product is, how to clean it, and even tell customers the height of the model in the photo. You do not go out like Assos, but the more effort you make in your statement, the easier it will be for your customers. Not only will they be able to find your products easily, but it will be easier to decide on shopping for them.

5. Show shipping cost.

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website.

Nobody likes to go through the process of typing all your information on your site and till the end only to find that there is a heavy cost of shipping. Stay ahead with customers. If you can, tell them how much they will pay in the beginning of your checkout process. Or charge flat shipping rates if this is an option for your products.

In addition to advancing about your shipping cost, give customers an idea of ​​when their products will arrive or if there is any other shipping details they should be aware about.

Francesca also shows the shipping cost before you go to buy your items and they provide the option of checking out with PayPal, a reliable platform that many shopkeepers already use. If shoppers already have a PayPal account, it accelerates their checkout.

6. Give customers the option of keeping a purchase.

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website

If customers are given the option of making a purchase, they can see that they can consider it and continue checking. But many times the customer will continue to browse your site to ensure that they do not remember anything. In this way ecommerce marketing strategy is easy to incorporate into your checkout process. Simply add a “Keep shopping” button next to your “Continue checkout” button. Make sure they are both easy to find on your web page.

7. Tell customers what kind of payments you accept.

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website.

You accept your store which types of credit card can add people. It helps build trust with shopkeepers and makes them feel safe when they are entering their credit card information. Add popular security jawans to increase confidence. If the customers recognize a security logo, they will find it easy to realize that credit card information is in good hands.

Francesca shows this popular safety seal during its checkout process. It’s easy to look up and look above the page fold. This can be a game changer for your checkout process.

8. Re-Marketing


Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website.

98% of users do not convert to a website on their first visit. If you want to capture those sales, then you have to re-e-commerce marketing strategies. There are several ways that you can remodel your customers so they come back to your site to buy your product. One of the most popular ways is to run ads again on other websites. When a customer comes to your site and goes without buying, you can use other sites they are touring to showcase your products. Very good right? You can also retrieve customers with email campaigns. Have you ever added items to your cart in an online store without purchasing, and then received an email after a few days, which looks like this?

If so, you have retired now. These emails may tempt you to buy items that you have left behind or are purchasing other similar / supplement items on the same site. This will increase traffic to your site, which can help you get more sales for more conversions.

9. Email Marketing and Automation

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website.

There is an average return on investment of 122% in email marketing, which is 4x more than channels like Social Media, Direct Mail and Paid Search. Creating an email list is as easy as the users are tempted to give you their email when making a purchase.

Read more about improving your B2C email marketing campaign. You can also set up email automations such as carriage abandonment, welcome automations, and order automations.

When they leave something in their carts, the Cart Abandonment email leaves the customers behind. Perhaps you have received a reminder before going back and buying stuff in your car. This is one of the “Friendly Reminders” ecommerce marketing strategies that will help your business regain lost sales.

Welcome automation is great so that customers get an email automatically to sign up first to receive your email. You can include a short message about your brand and how you can make them happy on the board. If you wish, you can also include a coupon to entice them to buy from your store.

Order automation is perfect for keeping customers up to date on their purchase. There are several emails that can be a part of this automation, including a confirmation email, to let customers know that you have received their orders, a shipping email confirming that the goods have been sent. And saying that their products have been distributed. You can also send a fourth email to ask how they like their products.

Asking for feedback or review is one of those ecommerce marketing strategies that is really easy to incorporate into any automation you already have. Ask your customers for feedback after they receive your product! You can ask customers only to rate your product or leave a review. It is helpful for other customers when they are purchasing your products and it will be helpful for your business so that you can grow and improve.

Optimize your email for mobile devices. Like optimizing your website to make mobile-friendly, your email should also be easy to chat on different devices. Do not lose customers because they can not see your email on their smartphone  good before sending it to you. is.

10. Update your website

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website.

If your business has been around for a while, you may consider site updates. Old sites look spam. People rely on things that are familiar if your site is similar to other sites in relation to design, your customers will feel safe and comfortable. If you do not believe us, then which site would you trust?

This is the Apple website in 1998. If you have seen something on the Web today, you might say that Apple has a clean, attractive site that is pleasing to beauty. Their up to date design makes users less reliable.

Design is constantly changing so make sure you are up to date on the latest trends.

If you already eat on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, then you’ve already taken the steps! Accounts and postings are not always enough to increase your business, especially in today’s competitive market. You will need to create an ecommerce social media marketing campaign.

Once you have a strategy, you can start advertising. Facebook is a great starting point. You can target specific audiences and link to specific pages of your site. One of the best e-commerce marketing strategies you can use with Facebook advertising is creating landing pages.

Landing page is a stand alone web page used for advertising campaigns. It is directed to users after clicking on any social media or Google advertisement For example, suppose you are advertising your product, and there is not a page on your site for that specific product. You can create a landing page for that product, so it is more like the advertisement that you are showing on Facebook. It is very important to ensure that your ads and landing pages are congruent. This means that they should have the same or similar information and should be a consistent form.

One of our favorite e-commerce marketing strategies is to include videos in their advertisements. By showing a small video to prospective clients how your product can improve your life, you will find your point quickly and efficiently. Customers are looking for instant satisfaction. If you have an ad with lots of text, then it is likely that it will be unread. With video, you can catch potential customers and attract them. Show them how your product works with a small display. If users can see your product in action, they will be more likely to try it

Research, skill and time are required to run social media ecommerce marketing strategies smoothly. If you feel that you are untouched to run your own social media campaign, then our social media experts on staff will give you one hand!

11. Personalize the Buying Experience for Customers

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website.

If customers feel that your store is dedicated to helping them choose the right product, then your store will rise above the rest. Use the name personalization on your email or on your website, recommend products based on the previous purchase, or increase your marketing game with a personal quiz. This is a great way to connect with customers. Take them on a unique shopping trip that is aligned with their personal taste and styles. But before 20 years of shopping it was ideal.

Amazon does a great job of personalizing everything for customers. They show customers related products and recommendations of products they want to buy. Every customer’s dashboard looks different. This almost every Amazon shopkeeper has its own personal Amazon store.

Another company making privatization a major part of its purchase experience is Stitch Fix, Clothing Subscription Box. They start to get you to know the style of quiz. With this, customers can feel special, and this indicates that the brand cares about each person’s personal journey to travel. Taking time to learn about the needs of your customers can be like a great achievement, but in the long run, you can increase sales and increase customer engagement.

Personalize Your Brand

people rely that customers take some steps to look at the faces behind your brand. Send videos to showcase your products and testimonials and images of loyal customers. Communicate with customers, respond to tweets, reviews and comments. Monitor what customers are saying and do not just answer poor comments or reviews. Taking the time to send out for a long time, useful reactions will help your customers know that you care and there are people behind your brand who are working hard to ensure that the best experience possible.

12. Build a mobile app

Online Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website.

How often have you been browsing a site on your phone and then had to switch to the computer to order your product? If you want to take mobile one step further, consider making your own ecommerce app for iPhone and Android. There are many benefits to having an app for your ecommerce business. Apps load websites more quickly so that users can buy more efficiently. If you have an app then customers are one tap away from seeing your products. When you are selling or when their favorite item is back in stock, you can also send push notifications through the app to notify customers. If your business is already established and you are looking for ways to continue to develop your brand, then building an app is a great way to boost sales and increase growth.

Amazon’s app is intuitive and user-friendly. The design mimics your desktop site with some differences but is more convenient for mobile users. Here is an example of the search of “cup of”. Desktop version shows several options before showing the best-selling cups and more options that are not sponsored that anything is missing.

* Bonus tip * Sell your product on a third party site

We have used many Amazon examples above because they know how markets are rising, retracting, and growing very fast. To sell your products, using third-party sites such as Amazon is great for small businesses that are just starting. There are a lot of expenses to consider when building an e-commerce site. You have to purchase hosting along with your own domain, and you have to design an e-commerce website design specialist to create your site. Third party sites allow you to create a seller account at no cost, although there may actually be fees related to selling your products. They can help your business get the risk.

Then, this is a great starting point for small business that they promote the first time they are selling the product. However in the long run, you will want to make your brand away from third party sellers and would like to create your own ecommerce site to sell your products.

These strategies will help you to build trust and create the following loyal customers who are buying your business time and again. To develop your business, it needs to be executed properly. List our professionals in LYFE marketing to take your e-commerce business to the next level. Contact us to see how we can develop your online store.





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