Some Pros And Cons of Sleeping On Side


Our sleeping postures play an important role in regulating our body functions and play a vital role in relaxing our mind. People mostly prefer sleeping straight as sleeping straight keeps the body in a firm position but sleeping on the side provides greater benefits than any other position. Sleeping on the side aids in digestion and provide better and improved sleep. Generally, older people sleep on the side and also those people who have greater Body Mass Index. But if you don’t sleep correctly on the side, it may cause postural problems and cause body pain.

Benefits Of Sleeping On The Side:

Sleeping on side provides numerous benefits that’ll be discussed accordingly. Sleeping on the side reduces back pain and joint pain and removes muscle aches. One study shows that sleeping on the side for a long period can help patients with fibromyalgia (severe musculoskeletal pain that causes issues of sleep and memory). It’s one best way for people who snore a lot while sleeping; sleeping on the side reduces snoring as snoring may lead to certain diseases like heart attack and diabetes. Sleeping on the side also helps to ease digestion problems like heartburn, bloating, and constipation. Sleeping on the side regulates the digestive enzymes and eases the symptoms of acid reflux.

Some Drawbacks Of Sleeping On The Side:

As sleeping on the side has many benefits, however, on the other hand, it has some drawbacks as well. Especially for people who have problems with back pain or sleep apnea, sleeping on the side is not preferable for them, leading to more pain. Sleeping on the side for a long time can cause pain on one side, which can radiate towards the whole side of the body. Even some people place their chin on one side while sleeping, which can cause neck pain. Sleeping on the side can also cause shoulder pain on whichever side you are sleeping on as this causes misalignment of joints can lead to pain, so this is the main drawback of sleeping on the side. However, a smooth and firm mattress and a comfortable pillow can reduce the risk of shoulder pain.

So Basically On Which Side Should We Sleep? Left Or Right?

Sleeping on both left and right sides has benefits, but sleeping on the left side has more advantages than the right side. Sleeping on the left side helps to eliminate body toxins and give relief from body pain. People with lower back pain can benefit from sleeping on the side because it helps them get rid of the pain more easily. But you can shift sides while sleeping from left to right and have a good night’s sleep.


Sleeping positions are important as sleeping is the only time when our body is in a resting position. So sleeping in either right or left position is beneficial for our body as it releases the toxins from our body and aids the processes of digestion. It is also good for people who have medical conditions like sleep apnea and digestive problems.